Businesses need to make reasonable efforts to protect their trade secrets to maintain their competitive edge. At Lester, Cantrell & Kraus, LLP in Riverside, California, our trade secret attorneys are well-versed in trade secret protection. The protection of proprietary information is critical in today’s marketplace. We live and work in an information age that also involves a great deal of mobility for key employees.



Our Trade Secret Attorneys offer Proactive Protection Plans

A detailed trade secret protection plan helps to protect business critical information. Our trade secret attorneys draw on extensive business law knowledge. They counsel Southern California businesses on methods to protect trade secrets. Confidentiality agreements, noncompete agreements and corporate policies concerning the use of information are important tools in protecting trade secrets.

Tenacious Advocacy In Trade Secret Law

When trade secret law disputes arise, our trial lawyers represent businesses, stakeholders, executives and key employees in resolving disputes over the use of information. There are a wide variety of types of business and technological information that companies maintain as trade secrets. Client lists, recipes, formulas, business processes and many more concepts provide companies with a competitive advantage. We handle all manner of trade secret litigation, including:

  • Misappropriation of trade secrets, including improper acquisition, use or disclosure claims
  • Unfair competition claims
  • Breach of confidentiality and noncompete agreements
  • Defenses to claims, including loss of trade secret status

Lester, Cantrell & Kraus, LLP prides itself on our trial advocacy skills. We are also business law attorneys and strive to resolve disputes efficiently to maintain costs. Our attorneys are effective in alternative disputes resolution practices, as well as in nonjury and jury trials. We do what is necessary to zealously protect our clients and to obtain the most favorable outcome possible.

Arrange a Consultation

Our decades of relevant experience and emphasis on excellence with integrity can be your advantage in trade secret litigation. To arrange a confidential consultation with one of our skilled Riverside business attorneys, call 951-300-2690 or contact us online. We also meet clients by appointment in Newport Beach.
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