Product Liability Attorneys

As a product manufacturer, it is crucial to have product liability attorneys with a proven track record. At Lester & Cantrell, LLP, our team of product liability attorneys has extensive experienced in the field – having defended product manufacturers, retailers, and distributers of all sizes.

Between them, Mark Lester and Kevin Crisp have been involved in products liability litigation for over 50 years. In addition to litigating products liability cases, they have extensive experience in drafting and revising instruction manuals for American and Japanese manufacturers, as well as evaluating warnings and recommending and analyzing product design alternatives.

Lester & Cantrell LLP’s product liability attorneys have particular expertise with products and claims such as:

  • Automatic Pedestrian and Garage Doors and Gates
  • Firearms and ammunition, including handloading tools and components
  • Automobiles and Trucks and their components, including air bag systems and brakes
  • Consumer and Industrial Electrical Components
  • Hand Tools, including pry bars, framing hammers, chisels, and safety glasses
  • Portable, cordless, corded and pneumatic power tools, including drills, hammer drills, framing and finish nailers, including claims of defective nails, screws and aerospace fasteners
  • Spontaneous combustion of paints and stains
  • Chemical burns
  • Bullet resistant enclosures
  • Fire detection and suppression systems, representing the fire sprinkler installers in connection with the MGM Grand Hotel MDS 453 litigation (Las Vegas), the Hilton Hotel Fire (Las Vegas) litigation, and the First Interstate Tower Fire (Los Angeles)
  • Security and Alarm Systems
  • Residential and Industrial Fires

Our product liability attorneys always look at the client’s best interest, whether that means a settlement, litigation or trial. If you are a manufacturer, installer, retailer or wholesaler being held liable for a defective product, call our product liability attorneys for a consultation.

Arrange a Consultation

We are prepared to serve as your product liability attorneys. To arrange a confidential consultation with our product liability lawyer in Riverside or Newport Beach, call 951-300-2690 or contact us online.

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