Southern California Contract Lawyers

The business contract lawyers at Lester, Cantrell & Kraus, LLP in Riverside are dedicated to providing personalized representation and effective results in resolving contract disputes. Contracts serve as the backbone for business relationships, transactions and commerce. Disputes concerning the duties and obligations in a contract can involve high-stakes litigation.



Our business contract lawyers will help resolve your disputes

A disagreement over a business contract can disrupt business far beyond the transaction at the center of the dispute. Our attorneys at Lester, Cantrell & Kraus, LLP strive to resolve contract disputes efficiently to maintain cost-effectiveness. However, we are trial lawyers. We fully prepare for trial and will do everything it takes to protect the financial and business interests of our clients.

Each business contract lawyer has substantial experience obtaining results in California contract litigation matters, including:

  • Breach of contract claims
  • Claims for monetary damages
  • Enforcement claims, including specific performance
  • Claims of fraud or other challenges regarding the validity of an agreement
  • Disputes concerning construction contracts
  • Confidentiality agreement and noncompete contract litigation
  • Real estate transaction litigation

If you believe that another party to a contract has failed to meet its obligations, or if you are facing contract litigation, our experienced business and employment contract lawyers are prepared to protect your interests. Our contract dispute lawyer will thoroughly evaluate your unique circumstances and provide you with strategic guidance and tenacious representation to obtain the most favorable outcome possible.

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Contact our Lester, Cantrell & Kraus, LLP trial attorneys for more information about your options to resolve your contract dispute. To request a meeting in Riverside or Newport Beach, call 951-300-2690 or contact us below.

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