Covid Reporting Form for business

San Bernardino County has introduced another tool to assist businesses in their efforts to keep employees and others safe: the COVID-19 Facility Outbreak/Cluster Reporting form.

The COVID reporting form’s purpose is simple: to make it easy to notify the County Department of Public Health when a business suspects a potential COVID-19 outbreak at a specific facility or workplace. Quickly sharing such concerns with DPH gives the department the information needed to immediately respond with steps that can help prevent further spread, minimizing the impacts on business operations.

Employers or their employees can use the COVID reporting form to alert DPH when it appears a facility is experiencing an unusual number of COVID-19 cases — with all information kept strictly confidential and used exclusively to help control the further spread of the virus.

“By receiving this information right away, we are able to immediately respond and nip a potential outbreak in the bud,” said Corwin Porter, the County Public Health director. “Increasing testing of residents throughout the county and then reacting quickly when an outbreak is detected will help us slow the spread of the virus and get our lives back to normal.”

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