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Lester, Cantrell & Kraus, LLP’s San Bernardino Personal Injury Attorney represents both consumers and private business owners in high-stakes injury claims, including wrongful death.After getting involved in an accident, it’s important to get representation right away so you can get the compensation and valuable legal advice you need. Our San Bernardino Personal Injury Attorney has handled virtually all types of injury claims involving those involving motorcycles, trucking, auto accidents and on-the-job injuries. Did you know that you can get compensation for your injuries even if you are partially at fault? Our attorneys can not only get you compensation for the injuries, but also for such related items such as loss of income, property damage, loss of consortium, emotional suffering and more. We are here to make sure you receive fair compensation for your loss.


San Bernardino is known for its numerous motorcycle, car and pedestrian accidents. However, other personal injury matters might include dog bites, truck accidents, and workplace accidents. According to, the number of San Bernardino fatal car crashes far outweighs the California average. January and October rank highest during the year for accidents, and Sunday is the most deadly day to drive, according to their reports.

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After getting involved in an accident, be sure to document the incident, exchange license and insurance information, and obtain witness contact information. Get prompt medical attention, and call our office before speaking to your insurance company.

Our dedicated team of San Bernardino Personal Injury Attorneys at Lester, Cantrell & Kraus, LLP are ready to serve you.

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To schedule a confidential consultation with a San Bernardino Personal Injury Attorney, call Lester, Cantrell & Kraus, LLP at 951-300-2690. We are based in Riverside, California.

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