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On July 1, 2019, California’s minimum wage increases in several California cities, most notably Los Angeles, Santa Monica and Malibu here in the Southland. These cities will see a minimum wage increase from $13.25 to $14.25 hourly for businesses with 26 or more employees. Those with 25 or fewer employees will go up to $13.25 an hour. The current overtime pay in California is $15 per hour. 

Other raises on July 1, 2019 include:

Berkeley – $15.65 hourly for all businesses

Emeryville – $16 hourly for all businesses

Los Angeles City & County – $13.25 to $14.25 hourly for businesses with 26 or more employees

Malibu – $13.25 to $14.25 hourly for businesses with 26 or more employees

Milpitas – $15 hourly for all businesses

Pasadena – $14.25 (pending City Council action)

Sacramento – $11.75 for all businesses

San Francisco – $15.65 (TBD)

San Leandro – $14 for all businesses

Santa Monica – $13.25 to $14.25 hourly for businesses with 26 or more employees

Businesses are required in this areas to update their minimum wage postings in a visible area of their workplace or job site. The increases are a continued result of SB-3, which was signed into law in 2016.


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