Success Stories - Attorney Kevin R. Crisp

Rosa Montanez v. Tres Herraduras, Misael Nunez Alvarado and Sun  Pacific Farming Cooperative (June, 2016, Kern County Superior Court)

Plaintiff suffered a displaced ankle fracture when attempting to use a portable outhouse owned and managed by one client, parked on the land of another.  The trailer holding the outhouse allegedly shifted when plaintiff put her weight on the step for access.  Defendant claimed the outhouse was not intended for use by the public and was in storage.  The parties disagreed about whether the orchard, abutting a public highway, was clearly marked “No Trespassing.”  Plaintiff called a safety expert and a board certified orthopedist.  Defendant called no experts.

The lowest demand was $295,000.  Plaintiff declined a defense offer of $50,000.

Defense verdict 11-1 for one client, 10-2 for the other.

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